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3 Part Recipe; Mornay Sauce, Mac n Cheese, Croque Monsieur

This recipe was originally written for good buddy Wheeler but i have had a few people reach out requesting the recipe so im putting it out here for ya!  Remember, if you guys want me to share something... hit me up!

Let’s Make Mornay Sauce.  Mornay Sauce is a cheesy milk based sauce that we can turn into home-made Mac n Cheese, or Croque Monsieur (pronounced “croak messieeuur”), the sandwiches we made at Epcot France.

Here is what we need to make this stuff: 

-          ½ gallon milk

-          1 stick of butter

-          ½ cup of flour

-          Salt

-          Pepper

-          A little bit of grated nutmeg (don’t waste your damn time measuring it, just a few grates of fresh, or shakes of jarred)

-          A bunch of grated cheese (I usually grate up a bunch of different stuff, like cheddar, mozzarella, swiss… whatever you want to put in it.  Try not to buy the already grated stuff cause the bastards put a bunch of cornstarch and crap in it).  Grate more than you think you need, cause we need some to make other food..

Let’s Make this Sauce

-          Bring the milk to a boil in a pot (watch it, once it comes to a boil, you have to turn the heat down immediately or it will boil all over your stove)

-          While the milk is heating up, in another pan (non-stick is ideal) heat up the stick of butter until it all melts

-          Once it all melts, add the flour to the butter and stir it with a wooden or plastic spoon and it will turn into a paste

-          Turn the heat down to low and keep stirring it for like 5 minutes.  DON’T LET IT BURN  (You Just Made Roux)

-          Once the milk comes to a boil, dump all the Roux into the milk and whisk it right away and turn the heat down to medium

-          Keep stirring the milk and it will soon thicken up, turn the heat down to low

-          add your salt and pepper and nutmeg and stir it in

-          Turn the heat off and start stirring in a handful of cheese at a time until it looks like cheesy, gooey, cheese sauce


You have officially made 3 recipes from Classic French Cooking:

1)    Bechamel, the milk based mother sauce that can be transformed into numerous sauces

2)   Mornay, by adding cheesy goodness to the Bechamel Mother Sauce, you made Mornay

3)   Roux, the traditional method of thickening many sauces in French Cooking, you can use this to thicken gravies and stews

 Home-Made Mac n Cheese

Okay, you just made the Mornay Sauce, which is THE sauce for making real Mac N Cheese


Here’s What Else You Need to Make the Mac N Cheese:

-          A bag of pasta: bowtie, macaroni, rigatoni, squiggly tubes of noodle… whatever, as long as its not long spaghetti like stuff

-          More grated cheese, or maybe you have more from when I told you to grate more…

-          Some bread crumbs (I usually have Panko in the house, don’t buy that progresso crap, they putt all kinds of stuff you and your kids don’t need to eat)

-          A baking dish

Lets’ make some Mac N Cheese

-          Cook the noodles however the bag says to

-          Turn your oven on to 350

-          Drain them and dump them into your baking dish

-          Dump in like ¾ of the sauce and stir it a bit

-          Stir in some of your grated cheese

-          Pour the rest of your sauce on the top

-          Mix some of your breadcrumbs and grated cheese together and sprinkle it all over the top of your dish

-          Bake it at 350 degrees for about 20-35 minutes, until it gets as golden brown as you want it

You just made Home-made Mac n Cheese


Croque Monsieur

So we made Mornay Sauce.  Lets turn the sauce into golden brown delicious sandwiches…

Here’s What Else You Need To Make the Croque’s

-          Bread, 2 slices for every Sammy you’re going to make

-          Sliced Ham

-          Sliced Cheese, Gruyere is the traditional, but Swiss works fine

-          More grated cheese, or maybe you have more from when I told you to grate more...

-          If you want to turn the Croque Monsieur into a Croque Madame… which I almost always choose to do, then you need an egg for every sammy you are going to make


Lets Make Some Croque’s

-          Turn the oven on to 350

-          Spray a little pan spray or smear a little butter on to a baking sheet

-          Put half of your bread slices on the pan

-          Lay the ham and cheese onto the bread

-          Top the sammy’s with the rest of the bread

-          Now you are going to put a ladle of sauce on each Sammy and smear it around so it covers all the bread

-          Sprinkle shredded cheese on the top of all the sandwiches (you don’t want to load them up with cheese, just a bit more to top it off

-          Bake at 350 until they turn golden brown, about 8-12 minutes

-          I cut each sandwich diagonally and slap ‘em on a plate

-          If you want to make the Madame, just top each Sammy with a fried egg


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