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Death Week 2012; As your lawyer, I advise you to…

For reasons undisclosed, Shmank Middlegeorge names my weeklong visit to Portland, Deathweek 2012.  He gave  himself a goal of killing me by the end of the week, by means of food, drink, and fun.  In the style of “Fear and Loathing” (in Portvegas), I agreed to follow any advice my lawyer had in store for me.  Along many of our stops for food was a new gem of food an beverage, Shovin an Acre… I mean Oven and Shaker. The joint is so conveniently placed footsteps from our home base, Teardrop Lounge, we popped in for some grub.  Our visit began with a tequila based manhattan topped with a salami wrapped cherry.  Me like this.  Fried balls of various fillings; Arancini  Pork Belly Pizza Kale Salad, and a plate of various meats opened our eyes and tastebuds to a new fave spot.  We ended up revisiting the spot again later this week.  Middlegeorge actually logged in a hat trick of visiting this week! 

As if there was a theme to our eating habits this week, we arrive for my virgin adventure at Park Kitchen and begin with a plate of fried balls of salt cod. Park Kitchen has been on the list of places to go for a while, but something else always came up.  I cannot believe I haven’t been here before.  The spot has been open for ten years or so and they are not fucking around with food… its really damn good and I am going again, soon.  Then Chef Scott gifted us with a salad of mung bean sprouts, carrot puree and pimento vinaigrette with whole grain mustard.  Holy freaking damn delicious salad.  Something I would probably never order blew our taste-buds out of this world.  Then came the most tender octopus I have ever put in my mouth= love this octopus  Top off the meal with beautifully prepared lamb. 

Im dying… need sustenance.  Hey, I know what will bring us back to life!  After an actual work meeting, we stop for lunch at Little Big Burger for some healing in the form of fatty goodness.   Ahhh Cheeseburger and truffle fries.  Life.

I love Octopus and I want more.  So my lawyer advises me to meet him for happy hour at Andina.  Keep in mind that the following foods are our appetizers!  My lawyer and I know Chef Hank there, so super nice guy Chef Hank sends out a gift of nom… smashed taters with shrooms and pretty sauces.  Mmmm, oysters.  Must have at Andina: Octopus Skewers with smashed taters.  Eat your veggies!  Beet Salad.  Then after chomping down some beef hearts, we are presented with another gift of caramel cookies from Chef Hank.  Thanks Chef!

The rest of death week will be continued on another post, as the last supper must be documented on its own. 

So anyway, I live through death week and my lovely wife arrives in Portland to spend a couple days with me.  I say goodbye to my lawyer and go back to normal life. But I have reservations at Paley’s Place for an exciting evening with my wife.  As we sit in the front window seat at Paley’s Place, we are presented with an amuse bouche.  Really?  Kampachi Crudo topped with Uni?  For shizz this is going inside me.  Along with our Mussels and Frites, Chef/Owner Vitaly Paley stops by and says hello with a gift of asparagus with Lardo, and frisee salad with duck egg.  I freaking LOVE presents!  Hey Gimme those sweetbreads dammit!  Did i mention that i like to spaetzle?

After Cirque Du Soleil, I need Brunch.  Irving Street Kitchen’s  menu left me stuck with 3 choices for my breakfast… I ultimately ended up with a pleasing waffle topped with braised pork belly and runny egg.  Nommeriffic. (notice in the background that i also killed a bowl o grits).  Wash that shit down with a brunch Negroni and I’m ready for whatever Mrs. Truby wants to do around PDX.  Well hey guess what?  Wifey wants to go to the Portland Farmers Market.  Guess what I found?  Spring is here and im taking fiddleheads black trufflesMorel mushrooms and Tails and Trotters Pork Chops home with me!  I turned it into this mess of loveliness to put in my face to end death week. 

It’s a good thing ive been going to the gym.  Stay tuned for the next post, cause its kinda mind blowing.

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By the way I love to ... SPAETZLE
Quick note I need to... SPAETZLE

May 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterschmank

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