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Bouchon Bistro, Las Vegas

Whenever I am in Las Vegas, there is one restaurant that I must enjoy.  Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian.  I'm super duper lucky to be able to enjoy numerous Thomas Keller restaurants, but growing up as a cook and chef, the French Bistro is what excited me.  As usual, everything we ate was absolute perfection.


Getting ready to get our grub on.

As we were sat, there already was a beautiful seafood platter of lobster, crab, shrimp. oysters, and clams waiting for us to devour.  And we did!

 We were sat in the corner seat, the best seat in the house, with a view of the entire rest of the bistro.

Crispy Pork Belly with the most delicious lentils EVER.  And you can never go wrong with trout amandine.

The end to a perfect dinner, perfect dessert.  Creme Brulee and a Frangipane tart. Last time we had like the whole dessert menu so we thought we would tone it down a bit this time.  We were then lucky enough to take another tour of the kitchen.  As always, a perfect dinner at Bouchon. 








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