Antoinette Brasserie, in the Claremont- Berkeley, CA

If you're getting tired of seeing posts about Northern CA, sorry, thats where I travel frequently right now and theres damn good food to be eaten there.  I've been working with the Claremont Resort for a couple years now, but after having dinner at the Meritage in the hotel a couple weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that they recently opened a new brasserie concept by Dominique Crenn, called Antoinette Brasserie 

So they took the old restaurant, Paragon, and remodeled it to be a perfectly shining Brasserie and even extended the deck which has one of the most beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay.

We may have ordered too much food for the table, but it was hard to resist anything on it!

Sweetbreads and Broccoli Veloute

Under that foam are a bunch of delicious Basil fed Escargot.  Not a single snail or dribble of sauce was left on the plate.

Octopus!! NOM!!

Serious Fish Dose- WHOLE Roasted Monkfish Tail!!! more food than we could handle, but Dayuumm!

I had a hunch that some recently placed equipment into the resort must be in this new restaurant, so we asked the Chef, and sure enough, Chef Justin Mauz be Loving his 4 SelfCooking Center's

We were then destroyed by what has to have been every dessert on the menu!

If I were to summarize the dinner experience here, besides forgetting the to-go bag of leftover monkfish tail on the bench before hopping in an uber, everything in here from the service, to the dishes, and attention form the kitchen and FOH... everything was absolutely perfect. 


Rivoli; Berkeley CA

Traveling for work can be a pain in the butt sometimes.  But it also has its up-sides.  One thing I get to enjoy is getting to know new cities, new people, and exciting places to eat.  Rivoli has become one of the places I have come to like to hit up when you want a "nice" dinner.  If you have seen my post about Corso, well they are sister restaurants.  Rivoli has a small intimate dining room and you will be dining with a mix of many walks of life.  

Started off with bites of Stek Tartare and Chickpea Fritters

I been liking me some soup at dinner lately... so how about some butternut squash soup with saurkraut?  Yummers.

Must. Have. Burrata and Brioche.

New York steak with roasted fingerlings and the most perfectly cooked pasta of Agnolotti with piles of crispy garlic and varieties of mushrroms.  

get yo rezzy's, yo.





Sunol Ridge Restaurant and Bar; Walnut Creek, CA

Staying in Walnut Creek and wanted to watch the GSW game, but didn't feel like eating "sports bar" food.  So was recommended to check out Sunol Ridge 

They have like a bazillion beers on tap, wine on tap, cocktails, pretty damn great food for chillin at a bar to watch the game.  And... The table I sat at has a creek flowing through it under glass.  Whaaaa??

 The server was super knowledgeable and attentive as well.

Noshed on some Poke

Mushroom Puree

Shephards Pie








Ad Lib, Thomas Keller- Napa, CA

Want to know what it’s like to eat at Ad Lib by Thomas Keller?  Well I can tell you about it and show you.  Ad Lib is was the pop-up restaurant in the Silverado Resort, serving American comfort food, in TK’s fashion of perfection.  With the French Laundry Kitchen under renovation, he opened Ad Lib in order to keep the staffing family on board while TFL slows down a bit with closures and such.  TFL is still open- bee tee dubs.

Let’s look at the food… it’s so seriously delicious that I’ve been twice!  So you walk into the Silverado resort and into a banquet room that has been transformed into a beautiful white tablecloth Thomas Keller restaurant overlooking the golf course. 

As you are seated, The Parker House Rolls arrive.  These brioche buns are so soft and piled with saled butter… Seconds please.

Guess What?  Foie Gras has been all good in CA again for a while, so let’s embrace with the Foie Gras Parfait, topped with Rhubarb Gelee.  I ate the leftover foie on a croissant for breakfast the next morning!

Can Steak Tartare get any better?

It’s not often you have a dish that should be so simple, but ends up changing your life.  This clam chowder is that dish.  I put my first spoonful in my mouth, my eyes lit up, my taste buds exploded, and I exclaimed “Holy Fuck!”

Chicken Schnitzel with Brown Butter

Pork and Beans and Mac and Cheese!

Chopped Steak with mushroom gravy and onion rings.  Ive had it twice, its as delicious as it looks!

This is what a perfect shepherd’s pie looks like, there were no leftovers.

Eggplant Parmesan

Behold!  Short rib Wellington, carved tableside!

And lets end with every dessert on the menu.

Would you like to eat there?  well you cant.  Its closed now!!!

Peace out bitches, I got hella more food to eat.


not about food

I've been out for a while. But a wise man who I respect advised me to get back. So I'm here.
My life lately has been full of the highs of all highs and the lows of all lows. So where does one find the balance? Do I focus on what makes me feel alive and happy or what brings me down to the bottom, or do I try to balance my focus to the center and realize all that I do have (which I must say is a lot and I am a lucky and grateful motherfucker) and how to make it all better? I don't know. I have many amazing supportive people in my life, I have the most beautiful , intelligent, and crazy daughters, I have people that love me and care for me. I'm a very, very lucky dude.
I have like a year of food experiences to show you, but to get started again, I am telling you that I'm a real person, who is as fucked up AND as normal as you are. So if you read this, without being posted on and social media, or blasted out the inter webs... I'm here, and I'm coming back to share with you what I am lucky enough to put in my mouth. So suck it, and thank you.