"Thai Drinking Food"

Today started off by retrieving my 24 braised beef cheeks from their 24 hour braising spot.Then we hit up the Whiskey Soda Lounge on SE Division, serving "Thai Drinking Food".  The little offspring of Pok Pok, just across the street serves as a waiting bar for Pok Pok.  We decided to cancel our name from the waiting list and stay there.  We had fried anchovies with shri racha and stewed and fried pig ear strips. Fried anchovies are a winner and the pig ears were pretty yummy.  Next came the "funky" hearts of palm salad... we were warned of its "funk" but the odor eventually overcame the area around our table.  the salad was good tasting and spicy, but smells like "old moldy boot".  Curry meatballs were a little bland, but the Fish Sauce Chicken Wings were insane!.  Same wings served at Pok Pok , are so worth the sticky sauce fingers!                                                                                         


Portland, OR  

Lat night i went to The Observatory.  Exciting drinks and "very acceptable" menu.  Kind of a mash up of homey southern food with some spottings of asian influence.  We had amazing fry bread, okay coconut curry mussels, and the obligatory delicious chicken liver mousse with applesauce and pickled onions and garlic for our appetizers.  for my entree, i had a fried chicken fried chicken with mashers and brussells sprouts.  i hold a place close to my heart for fried chicken, and normally would never order a panko crusted fried chicken as i think flour is much more appealing when it comes to chicken.  I was delightfully surprised, and recommend the Chicken Fried Chicken to one and all.                                                                                                                                         Bear with me all as i am building the site.  soon there will be pics with all my posts! 


Portland, OR  

We started at Prost, for some German beers, Pretzels, and some bangers... but there were no seats available.  We drank a pint and moved on.  Ended up at Branch, on Alberta.  Started with some delicious Pork Rillettes with hinting flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and thyme... yum (lots of crostini, a little burnt).  Then we had burgers with swiss and bacon along with another couple pints.  The burger was juicy and cooked a perfect medium rare as requested, but... some house made fries would be a better burger partner than the slaw it was served with.  

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