San Diego; Noble Experiment, Searsucker, and Vin de Syrah

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. Eliana here for the summer, and my travels have kept me busy. That doesn't mean I haven't been eating. Let's make an attempt to get caught up.
San Diego calls and after three tries to get into Noble Experiment, I finally succeed! You walk through some neighborhood tavern in the Gaslamp District, literally, walk straight through it and go to the bathroom. To the right of the bathrooms is a pile of kegs in the hallway.  Push that shit and it is actually a swinging door. Behind that, the hostess greets you. You need a reservation, but again I couldn't get one, but I sweet talked my way in to sit at the bar. On one side, a wall of golden skulls, on the other side, craft cocktails. Fun!
We felt speakeasy-ee after so we walked up the street to Vin de Syrah. How do you find it? Find The Melting Pot, don't go in there, then get your ID checked by the guy by the stairs. Then find a door to get in.  Don't pick the wrong one, or all the people in the bar will laugh at you as they watch you fiddle with random doors on the big screen behind the bar from the security camera.
Best dinner this trip?
Searsucker. How about some delicious bone marrow? Of course someone was educated on what a bone luge is. Pouring courvossier down the emptied bone into their gullet. Beef tartare Por favor!some Mac and cheese topped with fried chicken skinand an incredible pork belly, atop fried brioche, with a poached egg and hollandaise! Heaven!


Leonard's Malasadas

Since I was a kid, if we pulled up to this red and white trailer, I would be overcome with excitement and my mouth would start watering. Malasadas are Portuguese donuts rolled in sugar. I grew up eating them. They are freaking mind blowing. It's no use having anyone bring you some, or eating them when you get home... They're good, but eating them right out of the fryer, right outside of the red and white trailer (or the Kapahulu brick and mortar) is the real way to go.
As soon as we arrived in Honolulu, we headed straight here to get our fix, and faces covered in sugar and grease.
We don't mess with the filled ones or the different coatings- we are straight up sugar style yo.
Go get 'em... So Ono


My Last Dinner on this Hilo Visit

How could I top off my weight gaining visit to Hilo? I know, a one pound Lau Lau combo, completed witha. Giant mound of fried rice! Kuhio Grille is the "home of the one pound Lau Lau" and I ate that shit... And I liked it.


Hilo Bay Cafe

The last time I ate at Hilo Bay Cafe it was located in a strip mall and I was surprised to see such a great use of local ingredients in such an unsuspecting location. Since then they have relocated to a former Japanese/Sushi restaurant on the bay front. The venue is much more fitting to their style. Take a look at some carpaccio, pork belly bowl, and seared scallops. It's probably my favorite place to eat in Hilo, besides of course K's drive in... Which I visited probably nine times.


Suisan- Hilo, HI

My past few visits to Hilo Hawaii I have always passed by the Suisan building on the way to the beach. Unfortunately I have never been made aware of the treasures that this building held within its walls. I always thought that it was a fish supplier, delivering only to commercial customers. After a little research, I find that it is heralded for the poke and fresh fish selection, also their poke bowls, and has been in business for over a hundred years... Whoa.
It did not disappoint. The poke case had THE BEST. Poke selection I have ever seen... And incredibly fresh local fish for literally half the price you find down the street at the crockery stores. And also a mysterious occurrence of large Hawaiian men buying up flats of yogurt??
So we got some bomb-ass poke, a slab of Ono, some ahi to slice for sashimi, and some nori and were on our way back to our waterfall house for one kilah fish dinnah!