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Bouchon Bistro, Las Vegas

Whenever I am in Las Vegas, there is one restaurant that I must enjoy.  Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian.  I'm super duper lucky to be able to enjoy numerous Thomas Keller restaurants, but growing up as a cook and chef, the French Bistro is what excited me.  As usual, everything we ate was absolute perfection.


Getting ready to get our grub on.

As we were sat, there already was a beautiful seafood platter of lobster, crab, shrimp. oysters, and clams waiting for us to devour.  And we did!

 We were sat in the corner seat, the best seat in the house, with a view of the entire rest of the bistro.

Crispy Pork Belly with the most delicious lentils EVER.  And you can never go wrong with trout amandine.

The end to a perfect dinner, perfect dessert.  Creme Brulee and a Frangipane tart. Last time we had like the whole dessert menu so we thought we would tone it down a bit this time.  We were then lucky enough to take another tour of the kitchen.  As always, a perfect dinner at Bouchon. 









China Poblano, Las Vegas

The plan was to have a drink and a bite at a number of places, making our way up and down the strip, until we couldnt eat or drink anymore.  Of course the first stop was Bouchon, for a bottle of bubbly and a jar of foie.  Then our plan got all jacked up.  We went to China Poblano (of course we HAD to stop at my favorite bar first- the Chandelier).  I have been here many times and it is virtually impossible to have one bite here.  One drink for that matter- so we ordered three at a time (margarita flight).  Note the foamy crap on the top- that is salt air, so every sip of drink gets the perfect amount of salt.  So dope.  China Poblano is a Jose Andres restaurant and when you walk in there is a station on the left, where they are hand making asian noodles and dumplings.  on the right side, they are hand making tortillas and tacos.  A blend of a chinese noodle bar and a taco stand.  I love the food so much that we threw our plans in the trash and decided to eat as much as we possible could there.  Some winners:

Dan Dan with spicy pork

Rou Jia Mo Street Sandwich

Duck tongue (yes... duck tongue) and beef tendon (yes... beef tendon) tacos

Of course we ate dumplings and tons of other stuff, but when food is this good, you forget to take pictures of them all and just gorge

But... DO NOT leave without eating Golden Pigs.  Oh MY Gawd- think of chinese pork buns, but instead of steamed- deep fried!  then served with a bowl of condensed milk to dip.  Your arteries will be so happy and so mad at the same time.


My First San Francisco Trip

Ive been to San Francisco before, but ive never set foot outside of the airport.  I have only had layovers.  Its my first time spending a few days there and I have a lot of business to cover, in a short amount of time.  Finding a hotel in a reasonable price range is NOT an easy task.  Finally I find something downtown, and the streets surrounding my hotel are covered with homeless people.  Luckily the inside of the hotel is nice and clean.  I find it ridiculous that the Hilton (and every other hotel for that matter) three blocks away costs 3 times the cost per night!

Just across the street from our hotel is a beer joint that im directed to by the consierge.  Judging by the streets outside and the entrance, im not expecting much.  But the inside of Mikkeller Bar is a beautiful pub.  The floors and tables are made of light colored wood and the centerpiece of the bar is a massive square of silver taps.  the beer selection is massive and they serve bar nosh like charcuterie and sausages.

I like speakeasy's.  A bartender friend from Portland (in addition to a homeless person on the SF streets) reccommend Bourbon and Branch. How do you find it?  Look for this sign.  Go to the door, give them the password.  The Flapper hostess takes us to a bookshelf, which she pushes open to reveal this!  you can also go straight to the library there if you dont have reservations... just find this door.  

Out in the Marina District, I hunt down a great gastro-pub.  The Tipsy Pig.  The marina district seems like a great area for me to hang out, unfortunatley, there are only motels and no hotels there.  Boo!  We chose the table in the bar that is on the window.  It was awesome cause we could see all the fun going on in the bar, but also watch all the peeps on the street.  I devoured some pulled pork sliders on hawaiian sweet buns and a beautiful Duck Leg Confit with a frisee salad and a toad in the hole, slow cooked egg.

The next day was very hectic.  Traveling across Northern California.  Things got amazing when I was lucky enough to walk through The French Laundry.  Never in my life have I ever thought that I would be walking around the kitchen the garden the offices, and the grounds.  Hey look, thats where the MAN lives!  Im not lucky enough to have eaten there, but I still got to check it all out. 

Then I got to visit and tour the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

You cant leave Napa Valley without tasting a bit of wine right?  We stopped at Hall Winery for a beautiful view and lovely tasting of Cab's.  Even better, the tasting room manager comps our tasting fees.  Yay!

On our way out of Napa, we stop in to check on the guys at Bouchon.  One glass of wine at bouchon and on our way out, the dining room manager hooks me up with a bag of treats!

Its time for the last dinner of this trip, and im feeling like some tapas.  after searching the web for a while, I find Bocadillos.  We start off with all three pintxos: a chilled prawn deviled egg, mussels with pickles, and strawberry and goat cheese wrapped in ham.  Im loving this.  Prawns a la plancha.  Make sure and order these prawns, they are incredible, and make sure to suck their brains out of their heads.  Totally surprising Croquetas, with rice and tuna.  Reminds me of when we used to make tuna salad with rice and shoyo when we got home from school as kids, with no parents around.  NOM.  I am full now, but we keep it going with house made chorizo and a perfectly cooked egg.  I will revisit this restaurant again.

Well San Fran... it was the first trip, but it wont be the last.  I will be back very soon.



Off to Las Vegas!

Fresh from a trip to the bright lights of New York City, I spend a day at home and just like that I’m off to more bright lights on the Vegas Strip.  So I had hinted on my last post that RATIONAL USA was on the verge of a “launch” that I have been a part of the team for.  So the cat is outta thte bag now, and we have released a new version of the Self Cooking Center combi-oven.  I will post about some of the details next week.   A part of this release is our Launch Event which was being held at the Palms Resort and Casino.  

When your company reserves 200+ rooms in the hotel, getting on a VIP list is pretty easy.  So we spent a couple nights up in Playboy VIP Club as well as Ghost Bar (smelled like puke and there were like 8 million people in there because DJ Pauly D was spinning, only spent a few minutes in there until we changed venues), and Moon.  Playboy was awesome and mellow, with couches and bunnies.  Moon was crazy and we danced until they shut it down.  Here’s the view from the deck

After our product release event, we had all worked hard and needed some “make a li’l fun” time… So 20 of us hopped in this stretch hummer and headed to the Venetian for some dinner.  After a terrifying 30 minutes of being trapped in an elevator, we were set free and on our way up to Bouchon for dinner  Getting a reservation for 20 on a Saturday night here is not easy, but they have 4 RATIONAL combi’s in their kitchen and happily accommodated our party.  I apologize for how terrible these pictures are, I don’t know what my problem was.  The pictures don’t do the quality of the food justice…   I love that you can expect perfection here.  Doesn’t matter what you order, you know everything from food to service to beverages, are all going to be perfect. 

So we started off with a couple massive platters of shrimp and oysters.  Ever wonder what a $55 tub of pure foie gras looks like?  Here it is.  Holy Ballz this stuff is the best.  I tried to take the leftovers of the 3 jars we had home to smear it all over my body in the privacy of my room, but the server wouldn’t allow it.  More appetizers land at our table.  Duck Confit  Brandade Fritters   Salmon Rillette  Charcuterie Board    For my entrée I had the Blanquette De Lotte (monkfish with lobster spaetzle)  take a gander and take a guess if was edible.  Others near me had the Truite Amandine  and the Gigot D’Agneau

One Perfect Dinner In Las Vegas…  Time to drink, dance, party, gamble


Eating Las Vegas

 We are in Las Vegas for a buddy’s “Wedding Celebration Weekend, and I am extremely excited to experience Las Vegas, and all the incredible restaurants.  Lately I have been wishing that I could be a professional eater.  Not like a competition eater, but someone who gets paid to eat at restaurants.  After doing my web research and building a list of possible eateries for the weekend, im finding it hard to narrow it down to the number of actual meals we can physically handle.  

Get off the plane, eat Double Double

Hash House A Gogo 

we went to the Imperial Palace location and although we were told it would be an hour wait, we were sat in about 20 minutes.  On our way to our table, we pass people eating pancakes that are seriously 18-24 inches in diameter. I start my breakfast with a BLT Bloody Mary  French Toast dipped in Banana Cinnamon Cream  The HH Original Benedict with Smoked Bacon  I had to get the Fried Chicken Benedict fried chicken w/ spinach, smoked bacon, tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs  Holy crap…. Me full… need to walk. And on that walk… I stumble upon a Pina Colada the size of the Eiffel Tower  I walk the streets of Paris and consume my tower.

After watching Holly Madison’s Boobshow… I mean “PeepShow” 

Michael Mina’s Nobhill Tavern is the dinner spot 

The Lobster Pot Pie, served tableside!

Chicken Tetrazzini!

Grilled Beef Shortrib

It was a great dining experience, with great company!

I had to walk by L'atelier de Joel Robuchon on the way out.  i need to eat there...


My amazing lady takes me to brunch at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon  I am giggly with excitement to finally eat at this French bistro.  Minus the hangover (mimosas did begin the healing process), this was THE PERFECT SUNDAY BRUNCH.  The served placed some jelly on the table for our bread, cherry jam with vanilla beans floating around in it.  This jelly is so incredible we went down to Bouchon Bakery  after breakfast, bought a jar, and paid 35 dollars to check the suitcase to take some home.  I wanted to order two breakfasts because I was torn between the Croque Madame, or the Roasted Chicken and Waffles.  Chicky Waffles will be eaten another day.  Croque Madame, with Frites Topped with The Most Perfectly Cooked Sunnyside-up egg

French Toast, Layered with Caramelized Apples

After going to see Circue Du Soleil BoobManity… I mean Zumanity 

we end up at Julian Serrano’s Tapas  

He is making tapas with some modern and fun components, mixed with the traditional.  We had  Lobster Skewers with Pineapple substance, Beet Salad with foamy substance, Griddled Tenderloin with cheese, toast, honey, pecans, and sauce chausser (this dish is freaking out of hand.  I would like to eat another right now.)

We will take a pot of mussels and some chicken and mornay filled croquettes!


There it is folks… my eating adventure in Vegas!  I will be back... i must have those chicken and waffles from Keller and i must eat at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon.  I must.