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Beer Battered Shrimp Tacos

I was about to make shrimp tacos and realized that frying (instead of grilling anything) is better.  So i walked down to my newly discovered neighbor brewery and taproom and got a beer to make my batter. So i took all this stuff...

I made some rice stuff


Scrimps with dope beer batter is some fo real stuff...

and then you make like this...

 Nom Nom


Grubbin On Some Sushi Near Home; Wasabi Factory

Another one of our regular spots, Wasabi Factory in Everett.  The owner/chef is always behind the sushi bar, they always have reggae or 90's hits blasting, and they have a bunch of fun signature rolls.  They almost always have Uni as well (the other local sushi spots are always "out" of urchin).  Eliana goes with some eel and shrimp nigiri, and some creamy mussells.