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Sage at Aria, Las Vegas 

Ready to enjoy a special evening and celebrate a special person, we’re off to the Aria to experience a beautiful meal at Sage.  James Beard Award winning Chef Shawn McClain offers Modern American Cuisine, beautifully presented and quite delicious!

Walking into the Aria, its apparent that Halloween is approaching... YAY!!

So hungry...  thankfully we are immediately served bread and BUTTER!  With salt!! Its butter, but its beautiful, and yummers.  If you dont know, I kinda like butter.  Like, I tattooed it on my arm.

Oh Yum!  A perfectly balanced kabocha squash, pear, ricotta salad topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.  Oh yeah, fall and Halloween. 

Next, a beautiful Hamachi Crudo Salad with smoked coconut and the cutest darn little radishes ever.  "So Fresh and So Clean, Clean“!

Then shit starts to get rich... and so freaking NOM!  Could not resist the Slow Poached Farm Egg, set on top of smoked mashed potatoes, and covered in black truffles.  You know im about to put this Foie Gras Brulee all up in mah face!!

Oh GAWD look at these Scallops with trumpet mushrooms and a salted caramel reduction.  Wha you say?!?!

Hello Black Bass with baby artichokes!

No i’m full, I cannot have dessert..

But... they have a cray cray absinthe menu on a rolling cart!

Beautiful dinner and amazing meal!



Hot n Juicy Crawfish, Las Vegas

Sometimes you need some real seafood.  Some real spicy shrimp and crawfish heads...

Hot n Juicy Crawfish

We ordered pounds of Noms

We got all spicy, saucy, seafoody, and messy!  Mouth fire, head sweat, extra bibs, gloves, and an extra roll of paper towels.  So much fun!




Katsuya, SLS Las Vegas

After having a French dinner the evening before, tummy wanted something a bit lighter, a closer and more casual place.  Japanese was the choice.

Katsuya in the SLS

Having been to many Japanese sushi restaurants, wasnt expecting anything spectacular, just wanted to get some dinner in the belly.  But we were surprised at how damn yummy everything was!  Pretty much blown away!

Lobster and Truffle Chawanmushi.  OMG SOOOO YUUMMM!! seriously I could eat bowls of this every day!

When do you take a picture of a cucumber sunomono salad?  When it looks and tasted this good.

I cannot resist Uni and Salmon Roe

Lobster Dynamite.  Just reading this on the menu is pretty much what made decision on where to eat.  Had to have it.  Lobster sauteed with mushrooms, covered in dynamite sauce, and baked!

Gotta have rolls right?  Tuna Tataki Roll... "This roll tastes like BUTTER!!"

Tiger Roll.  I mean, theres gold on it and shit!

The manager walked by, tempting us with Hamachi.  didnt need more food, but had to have it!

Lets just say that there were leftovers.  The goal was to have a light dinner, but everything was so surpisingly delicious that we left with protruding sushi baby bellies.  Loved everything!






Bouchon Bistro, Las Vegas

Whenever I am in Las Vegas, there is one restaurant that I must enjoy.  Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian.  I'm super duper lucky to be able to enjoy numerous Thomas Keller restaurants, but growing up as a cook and chef, the French Bistro is what excited me.  As usual, everything we ate was absolute perfection.


Getting ready to get our grub on.

As we were sat, there already was a beautiful seafood platter of lobster, crab, shrimp. oysters, and clams waiting for us to devour.  And we did!

 We were sat in the corner seat, the best seat in the house, with a view of the entire rest of the bistro.

Crispy Pork Belly with the most delicious lentils EVER.  And you can never go wrong with trout amandine.

The end to a perfect dinner, perfect dessert.  Creme Brulee and a Frangipane tart. Last time we had like the whole dessert menu so we thought we would tone it down a bit this time.  We were then lucky enough to take another tour of the kitchen.  As always, a perfect dinner at Bouchon. 









China Poblano, Las Vegas

The plan was to have a drink and a bite at a number of places, making our way up and down the strip, until we couldnt eat or drink anymore.  Of course the first stop was Bouchon, for a bottle of bubbly and a jar of foie.  Then our plan got all jacked up.  We went to China Poblano (of course we HAD to stop at my favorite bar first- the Chandelier).  I have been here many times and it is virtually impossible to have one bite here.  One drink for that matter- so we ordered three at a time (margarita flight).  Note the foamy crap on the top- that is salt air, so every sip of drink gets the perfect amount of salt.  So dope.  China Poblano is a Jose Andres restaurant and when you walk in there is a station on the left, where they are hand making asian noodles and dumplings.  on the right side, they are hand making tortillas and tacos.  A blend of a chinese noodle bar and a taco stand.  I love the food so much that we threw our plans in the trash and decided to eat as much as we possible could there.  Some winners:

Dan Dan with spicy pork

Rou Jia Mo Street Sandwich

Duck tongue (yes... duck tongue) and beef tendon (yes... beef tendon) tacos

Of course we ate dumplings and tons of other stuff, but when food is this good, you forget to take pictures of them all and just gorge

But... DO NOT leave without eating Golden Pigs.  Oh MY Gawd- think of chinese pork buns, but instead of steamed- deep fried!  then served with a bowl of condensed milk to dip.  Your arteries will be so happy and so mad at the same time.