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Katsuya, SLS Las Vegas

After having a French dinner the evening before, tummy wanted something a bit lighter, a closer and more casual place.  Japanese was the choice.

Katsuya in the SLS

Having been to many Japanese sushi restaurants, wasnt expecting anything spectacular, just wanted to get some dinner in the belly.  But we were surprised at how damn yummy everything was!  Pretty much blown away!

Lobster and Truffle Chawanmushi.  OMG SOOOO YUUMMM!! seriously I could eat bowls of this every day!

When do you take a picture of a cucumber sunomono salad?  When it looks and tasted this good.

I cannot resist Uni and Salmon Roe

Lobster Dynamite.  Just reading this on the menu is pretty much what made decision on where to eat.  Had to have it.  Lobster sauteed with mushrooms, covered in dynamite sauce, and baked!

Gotta have rolls right?  Tuna Tataki Roll... "This roll tastes like BUTTER!!"

Tiger Roll.  I mean, theres gold on it and shit!

The manager walked by, tempting us with Hamachi.  didnt need more food, but had to have it!

Lets just say that there were leftovers.  The goal was to have a light dinner, but everything was so surpisingly delicious that we left with protruding sushi baby bellies.  Loved everything!






Back in Las Vegas Again

In Las Vegas again for a trade show, but after work... I gotta eat right?

Night 1: Destroying Umami Burger

Night 2: Before Dinner, we toured Bazaar Meats  one of the line cooks hooks us up with some Olive Spheres.

I cannot resist the Chandelier Bar(make sure to get the Verbena, its a margarita with a Szechuan Button as a garnish, eat it and your mouth is on hallucinogen for 5 minutes)

I cannot resist China Polblano 

Night 3: Yardbird 

Deviled Eggs


Fried Pickles

Fried Pork Rillette


This fried Chicken and Waffles with compressed watermelon and mac n cheese is freaking ridic

Giant Short Rib on Grits

Salisbury Steakmany of us experienced nigthmares that night...

Night 4: Public House  

Sweetbreads, Poutine, and Beet Salad

Fucking Foie Gras Torchon

Poutine, soooo cheesy!!


an incredible Sea Bass

Lobster Mac n Cheese