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Bouchon Bistro, Las Vegas

Whenever I am in Las Vegas, there is one restaurant that I must enjoy.  Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian.  I'm super duper lucky to be able to enjoy numerous Thomas Keller restaurants, but growing up as a cook and chef, the French Bistro is what excited me.  As usual, everything we ate was absolute perfection.


Getting ready to get our grub on.

As we were sat, there already was a beautiful seafood platter of lobster, crab, shrimp. oysters, and clams waiting for us to devour.  And we did!

 We were sat in the corner seat, the best seat in the house, with a view of the entire rest of the bistro.

Crispy Pork Belly with the most delicious lentils EVER.  And you can never go wrong with trout amandine.

The end to a perfect dinner, perfect dessert.  Creme Brulee and a Frangipane tart. Last time we had like the whole dessert menu so we thought we would tone it down a bit this time.  We were then lucky enough to take another tour of the kitchen.  As always, a perfect dinner at Bouchon. 









Ad Lib, Thomas Keller- Napa, CA

Want to know what it’s like to eat at Ad Lib by Thomas Keller?  Well I can tell you about it and show you.  Ad Lib is was the pop-up restaurant in the Silverado Resort, serving American comfort food, in TK’s fashion of perfection.  With the French Laundry Kitchen under renovation, he opened Ad Lib in order to keep the staffing family on board while TFL slows down a bit with closures and such.  TFL is still open- bee tee dubs.

Let’s look at the food… it’s so seriously delicious that I’ve been twice!  So you walk into the Silverado resort and into a banquet room that has been transformed into a beautiful white tablecloth Thomas Keller restaurant overlooking the golf course. 

As you are seated, The Parker House Rolls arrive.  These brioche buns are so soft and piled with saled butter… Seconds please.

Guess What?  Foie Gras has been all good in CA again for a while, so let’s embrace with the Foie Gras Parfait, topped with Rhubarb Gelee.  I ate the leftover foie on a croissant for breakfast the next morning!

Can Steak Tartare get any better?

It’s not often you have a dish that should be so simple, but ends up changing your life.  This clam chowder is that dish.  I put my first spoonful in my mouth, my eyes lit up, my taste buds exploded, and I exclaimed “Holy Fuck!”

Chicken Schnitzel with Brown Butter

Pork and Beans and Mac and Cheese!

Chopped Steak with mushroom gravy and onion rings.  Ive had it twice, its as delicious as it looks!

This is what a perfect shepherd’s pie looks like, there were no leftovers.

Eggplant Parmesan

Behold!  Short rib Wellington, carved tableside!

And lets end with every dessert on the menu.

Would you like to eat there?  well you cant.  Its closed now!!!

Peace out bitches, I got hella more food to eat.


Frying Bone Marrow- 3 ways

A recent discussion with a chef buddy over some drinks got me all focused on bone marrow. The topic was about how one day we went from going to bistros and scooping the golden beef butter out of tubes of bones, then one day things changed. I used to love it, like every time, at every restaurant. Spreading it on grilled bread with parsley salad, salt, and sometimes some sort of jam. But then it changed. All of a sudden, every single time you order bone marrow, you get a cross cut bone. Cut horizontally instead of vertical sections. At first I liked it, it was easy to get the beefy butter out of the bone. But then I started to realize that bone marrow is becoming inconsistent. I order it a lot, cause it's fat,and I like fat. I've been eating it lukewarm, cooked to all hell to where there's barely anything left but grease, and then again lukewarm. I feel like the only benefit of having it horizontally cut now is the fact that you can bone luge some Hennessy out of it when your done scraping out the fat.
I return from my trip and of course I see a pack of bones in the grocery store and decide that this weekend, I will play with my bone-marrow.

Following Thomas Keller's guidance:
- I soak the bones in ice water for about half an hour
- push the marrow out of the tubes (warm up with warm water if needed to help loosen)
- soak the boneless marrow in ice water, for 48 hours, changing the water and ice every 8 hours to remove the blood
- now it's time to play

1) Beer Battered- I am not going to write you a recipe for a beer batter. I have perfected it, but there is no measuring, you just make it until it looks and feels right. But you start with a beer, a good one, not no girly diet beer bullshit. Then add an egg and whisk it in the beer. Add some baking powder... Like a teensy bit. Them add flour while whisking until it looks just a bit wetter than pancake batter. It should coat your whisk, but then fall off. Remember that the baking powder will make it expand. First, slice the marrow cylinder into disks, then coat the nuggets in the batter and fry for like 30 seconds.
Holy balls! Beer battered balls of beef fat. Remember to salt them up.

2) Panko Breaded- here I went Katsu on that marrow! Standard breading style: flour, egg, panko. I ALWAYS grind my panko first so it's all fine as possible and so it coats evenly. You seriously only want to fry these for 20-30 seconds. Results? More amazing than the beer batter. The panko holds on to salt better and the marrow needs salt. And just look at the perfect nugget shape!Cut in half, you see the goodness.  Bone marrow never looks pretty, but it sure tastes great!

3) Flour and Pan Fry- I sliced the marrow and tossed them in some flour, and pan fried in some oil. Now these did not come out as pretty as the other two, but I think this is the best flavor. All molten beef fat and salt, with a little crunch.

I think these all are great garnish or dish component ideas, cause nobody should be eating whole nuggets of fried cholesterol. But I have sacrificed my body to experiment for your knowledge. Please remember me when I am dead due to fat consumption.