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Pancetta, Duck Prosciutto, and New Food Tattoos!!!

A batch of a dozen Duck Prosciutto just into the curing chamber and the lovely delicious end product.  I took half of the batch and cherry smoked them with the PolyScience smoke gun.

Pancetta out of the cure and ready to hang

And the finished product


I got some new food tattoos this weekend that im pretty stoked about.  This is my stick of butter that has been with me for like six or seven years

I want this arm to be a small sleeve of food, so I added a sunny-side-up egg

And a happy little piggy (this one stayed home and his other half went to the market.

Oh... got some blogness cards made and will be dropping em at tables all over the place soon...

Keep eating folks!


New Years Schnitzel

Afer a couple days of New Years drinking, i got to partake in the Dreyer Family Schitzel and Spaetzle Festivities.  I was excited to help out in the prep so that i can make it up to the Dreyer's standards. Bernd also had Gluhwein flowing all evening!

Here is about 3/4 of our pork getting ready to be breaded

makin craploads of Spaetzle

now we drink their home-made Schnapps, that may explain the quality of the next couple picture's quality

carmelized onions and pounds of cheese added to the spaetzle

drunk... taking pictures of my food

Thanks Dryer's!!



Holiday Pig Leg

Filled with Holiday spirit, i order a whole pig leg, from Bill the Butcher in Woodinville 

They got me an organic and local pig leg, complete with feet and toes. it was amazingly fresh and the toes were so cute!

I covered the leg in 15 pounds of salt and roasted it (with much fire maintenance help from pops) in our mobile, build to suit, interchangeable firepit (normally used for tailgating).  That puppy roasted in the salt mountain for 5 hours. 

All its moisture was sealed in the salt mountain and made it moist and delicious. 

If I do it again, I will get it earlier from the butcher and brine the sucker, and I would also take it up to around 180 degrees to be shreddable.  We unfortunately got impatient on Christmas Eve and pulled it at 160.  Thanks to Dad again for his awesome carving skills.

I love pig


University District Farmers Market

We headed into the freezing cold wind for Saturday Farmers Market at University District.

We scored apples, carrots, hierloom tomatoes, beets, bread, fresh mozzarella, 5 pounds of mussels, and a beautiful grass fed pig jowl.

5 pounds of mussels is a huge batch, but luckily, Eliana is here and she can eat an adult size portion!

here is my lovely pig part.. in a couple months it will magically become a beautiful slab of Guanciale


Duck Prosciutto


I thought the last batch of duck prosciutto was delicious.  My cousin thought it was so delicious, she actually paid for 8 duck breasts for me to cure.  So I threw 4 more for me for a batch of a dozen.  This time, instead of just salt, I added a bit of cinnamon and smoked paprika to the salt. 

After a few weeks of drying… its done.  and its yummy